The Movie 'Y' Directed by Sunil Ibrahim.

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"KUNTHAM"Malayalam Movie written and Directed by newbie Niyas Yemmech.

"KUNTHAM" Malayalam Movie

"KUNTHAM"Malayalam Movie written and Directed by newbie Niyas Yemmech.

The Movie 'Y' Directed by Sunil Ibrahim.

- The Movie 'Y' Directed by Sunil Ibrahim.

The Movie 'Y' Directed by Sunil Ibrahim.

‘Y’ has no protagonist; the story gives equal importance to all its characters and is packed with thrills and suspense throughout. Story begins on a street in Kerala, on a pleasant evening where all the characters of the movie are present at different locations of the street with different purposes and intentions both positive and negative. 
The movie takes off from an unexpected incident which takes a toll on everyone’s supposed intentions.  Thereafter, the police investigations are initiated making the situation more critical.  This creates chaos and mess up the plans of our characters. And from here the story gears off with its thrills and adventure gliding through all the characters and shows the multiple perspective of the same event and the reactions to it.
An unexpected climax of ‘Y’ enlighten the audiences of certain rudiments that a society should know & act upon.
About Director :
Sunil Ibrahim is an Indian Screenwriter, Film Producer and Film Director. His first film was Chapters in 2012, where Nivin Pauly and Sreenivasan played the lead roles. His second movie was Arikil Oraal released in 2013.
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Following is the crew details of the movie
Writer & Director                  -Sunil Ibrahim
Dialogues                            -M R Vibin & Suhail Ibrahim
Music                                 -Pramod Bhaskar
Background score               -Mejjo Josseph
Sound Design n Sound Edit - Vishnu Govind & Sree Sankar
DOP                                  -Jayesh Mohan
Editor                                -V Saajan
Art Director                        -M Bawa
Costume Designer              -Sameera Sanish
Make-up Artist                   -Ratheesh Ambady
Designs                             -Rahim PMK
Online Promotion                -Ovmindia
Happy to launch the trailer of Y Malayalam Movie. Best wishes to director Sunil Ibrahim, to my brother Dheeraj Denny & the entire team. 🙂 #YMovie   ---Nivin Pauly.
The Movie 'Y'     Directed by Sunil Ibrahim.

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