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KOMALI MUSIC VIDEO by Shersha Sheriff , It is conveyed through a punchy tamil song of 5 minutes duration.

KOMALI MUSIC VIDEO by Shersha Sheriff.

KOMALI MUSIC VIDEO by Shersha Sheriff , It is conveyed through a punchy tamil song of 5 minutes duration.

Video Album DEVOIR

- Video Album DEVOIR
DEVOIR means a person's duty. Duty towards his country Are you truthful to our Mother India? "DEVOIR" says it all.

About The Director   :   Anuj Ramachandran
Address: Cheruvalli 
              Plavodu, Pulimath.P.O 
Date of birth: 13 December 1986 
Marital status: Married 
M.Phil in Theatre Arts & Film Aesthetics for Education -
University of Kerala. 
Work Experience
   Five years experience as Programme Producer in various Malayalam TV channels like Mazhavil Manorama, Surya TV, Safari TV etc.
Directed a docu-fiction ‘Kazhinjakalam’ and ten  short films- ‘Id-the darker side’, Scream, ‘Azeem’, ‘The Obsessed’ and ‘Jalam’, ‘Oru Rathri’, ‘Mukhalakshanam’, ‘Lets Recycle’, 'The Flying Fantasy' and 360°.
   Assistant Director of Mr. Vinayan (Malayalam Film Director).
1. Best short film in Yes India Foundation Short Film Fest 2016 - 'Devoir'
2. Best short film in Suchithwa Mission - Doordarshan Short Film Fest 2016 - 'Let's Recycle'
3. Best short film in National Human Rights Commission Short Film Fest 2016 - 'Black & White'
4. Best short film & Best director in India Mobile Film Fest 2016 - '360°'
5. Best short film in Adoor Bhasi International Fest 2016 - 'Oru Rathri'
6. Best short film in MTV – Parle Junkyard Fest 2016 – 'Let's Recycle.'
7. Best Director & Best Short film(Audience poll) in Reavathy Kalamandir Fest -2016 – 'Mukhalakshanam.'
8. Second best short film in Nottam festival organized by I&PRD, Kerala 2016 - 'Jalam'
9. National Film Promotion Council Award - Best short film - ‘Id’- 2011
10. Don Bosco International Award - Best short film – ‘Id’ – 2010
11. Finalist in 4th International Documentary Short Film Festival of Kerala - 'Id' & 'Scream' 2012.
12. Special Jury Award - Best Director - film 'Azeem' in Don Bosco Short Film Fest - 2011
13. Second Best Short Film - News Eye Television Award 2011 - 'Id'
Video Album DEVOIR

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