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Viswasam Athalle Ellam Malayalam film

വിശ്വാസം അതല്ലേ എല്ലാം " ചിരിപ്പിച്ച് മുന്നേറുന്നു .Viswasam Athalle Ellam Malayalam film

We can win chennai super kings. CSK Tamil

- We can win chennai super kings. CSK Tamil

Successfully running in Tamilnadu and it is coming to rock you in Kerala get ready to play with CSK, We can win Chennai Super Kings.

The appreciating factor of the film is the strong female protagonist. Rarely do you see a courageous heroine in Tamil cinema, and it's a treat to see how Karthiga deals with her relationship, a box of smuggled diamonds that she mysteriously finds in her handbag, the murder of her colleague and finally protect herself from her killers. And all this during the course of a single night. Brilliant! - Says Business-standard


CSK is one of those thrillers that unfold over the course of a night. Charles (Sharran) loves Karthiga (Jai Quehaeni). He loves her so much that he’s willing to do what she asks of him — give up cricket, his other passion. When she consents to marry him, he takes her to meet his mother, who’s in a church. Before the meeting, he asks her to remove the flowers in her hair, the dot on her forehead. A different kind of film would make him a spineless creep, an easy-to-hate mama’s boy. Karthiga would be played by Saritha, her eyes flashing at the things that she, as a female, has to undergo at the hands of this male. There’s none of that here. Charles is just trying to ensure that there isn’t too much friction during the initial meeting. The people in this film aren’t all good or all bad. Sometimes, you can be a good guy and still end up doing slightly bad things. Shades of grey, it’s called. There are a lot of those shades here. - Says The Hindu

Genre: Thriller 
Director: Sathiya Moorthy Saravanan 
Cast: Sharran, Mishal, Jai Quehaeni 
Storyline: A man smuggles diamonds and puts a woman in danger 

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We can win chennai super kings. CSK Tamil

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